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Domestic and Commercial Window Cleaning In Surrey

SAF Cleaning Surrey provide professional window cleaning services to homes and businesses throughout London, Surrey and the surrounding counties. Our highly-trained and experienced window cleaners in Surrey offer everything from one-off cleans to a regular window cleaning service (every 4, 6 or 8 weeks, or quarterly), using both traditional and waterfed pole window cleaning.


Waterfed Pole Window Cleaning System in Sutton

The waterfed pole window cleaning systems pumps a constant feed of pure water up through a carbon fibre or fibreglass pole onto the window, which is then scrubbed, rinsed, and left to dry naturally, leaving a completely streak free finish. The system allows us to clean buildings up to 60 feet high from the safety of the ground, and the use of 100% pure water leaves no residue, keeping your windows, and your frames, cleaner for longer.


We also clean all internal glazing, glazed partitions and secondary glazing.


Conservatory Rood and UPVC Window Cleaning in Epsom

If you need your conservatory cleaning, inside or out, SAF Cleaning provide a comprehensive Conservatory and UPVC window cleaning service in Epsom (while UPVC is technically ‘maintenance-free’, everything from local traffic to algae can cause unsightly discolouration).


Specialist conservatory ladders allow us to do much of our cleaning by hand - we’ll even remove any furniture and internal blinds and use protective sheeting to ensure the only difference you’ll notice after we’re done is how much more sun is streaming into your conservatory!



• No ladders

• Chemical free

• Cost effective

Health & safety friendly

• No hydraulic platforms

• Low risk assessment

• Privacy protected

Conservatory window cleaner in Cobham Surrey
Waterfed pole window cleaning on large house in Surrey

Hot Water Window Cleaning In Cobham

SAF Window Cleaning Surrey are proud to now be using the most efficient window cleaning system available using hot purified water to remove even the most stubborn of dirt and algae on windows, fascias, solar panels, uPVC, cladding and windows on large offices are cleaned quickly and efficiently. Introducing Ionics Thermopure Reach and Wash Window Cleaning technology.

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Thermo Pure Reach and Wash System using purified hot water
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Introducing the Thermo Pure Reach Window Cleaning System

Thermo Pure Reach and Wash systems use 100% pure de-ionised water that is heated to 80 degrees. Hot water has always been known for providing a better clean and water that is pure and heated is less dense and is therefore able to absorb more dirt and dry to an incredible finish.


Instead of washing windows with detergent that has previously been the conventional way, Thermo Pure uses highly purified water. This is water that contains less than 10ppm dissolved solids and is obtained through a process called, reverse osmosis. Thermo Pure Reach system allows window cleaners to reach higher, clean windows faster while being safer with outstanding cleaning results. The system can cut through the most stubborn dirt and residue that collects on windows and is effective in any type of weather.


Glass and carbon fibre poles can telescope up to 80 feet delivering heated pure water to an attached brush head to remove the dirt left by elements on windows. The soft bristled brush is able to scrub the dirt while the pure water rinses it away. The large amount of water produced through the system is a powerful cleaning agent and it provides spotless, streak-free cleaning. The systems can produce over 1000 litres of heated pure water allowing the window cleaners in Sutton to breeze through, removing even the toughest residue.

Benefits of Using Professional Window Cleaners in Kingston

The Thermo Pure Reach system cleans much more efficiently than conventional window washing methods as the heated Pure Water is a better clean than cold. It leaves a spot-free finish and greatly reduces the drying time. Since there are no detergents or chemicals used the windows will stay cleaner longer as there is no sticky residue. This is also a more environmental friendly method of cleaning and is in compliance with EU regulations.


We provide professional commercial and domestic window cleaners throughout Surrey including Kingston, Banstead, Kingswood, Oxshott, Cobham, Epsom & Sutton.


Using the Thermo Pure Reach system is a safer method of cleaning for workers. They are able to work from the safety of the ground without the need for ladders and high access equipment which can reduce the costs and ensure a safer environment. The Reach system allows them to reach areas that were previously inaccessible such as those with flower beds or shrubs in front of them with ease. At the same time the glass is cleaned the frames can also be cleaned. Window cleaners find they are able to work at least twice as fast with the telescopic poles. These water fed poles have been developed specifically to meet the recommendations of the Health and Safety Laboratory.




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