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Why the Taylor Review means good news for cleaning companies & their customers

Any business that uses contractors will be aware there is a major review underway - the Taylor Review - looking into the rules surrounding the way self employed staff are engaged. Triggered by all the publicity surrounding the ‘gig economy’, its aim is to understand how employment should be defined in the future and how workers should be protected with basic rights.


As an industry, cleaning has been a ‘gig economy’ for decades. Relying on sub contracting services out to self employed staff isn’t new for us, but high profile business models like Uber and Deliveroo have brought the issue into the spotlight. Although what’s being reviewed isn’t new, it will mean that a lot of cleaning companies will need to rethink their policies and the way they run their businesses.


Well in advance of any changes, we’ve reviewed our own policies at SAF and invited a number of the contractors we use regularly to join us as employees. I believe that bringing people onto the payroll or redefining them as dependent contractors as suggested in the Taylor Review will be great for customers and the company alike. It will help to create a stronger team spirit, people will have to adhere to our company values and philosophy. We can also start to branch out into offering more specialist cleaning services, like soft washing with biocides and environmentally friendly services.


Ensuring our employees feel valued and rewarded properly for the work they do is something I feel very strongly about. So much so, that I recently wrote a series of articles about the forthcoming Taylor Review, what it means for the cleaning industry and the changes we are making at SAF, for SMEWeb magazine. My article was also published in some of the cleaning industry’s leading trade publications and below are details of the press coverage we’ve received.




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