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Tips for Taking Care of Your Carpet

A carpet is a necessity for every home as they help to keep the floor and the entire house warm throughout. Carpets are also used for decoration purposes in many homes, as they come in different designs and colors. Carpets are vulnerable to dirt for instance dust, stains just to mention but a few. Some stains when they get on your carpet become stubborn to clean it out and it can a long duration of time for the stain to come out of it.


There are different techniques that you can use to clean carpets, special detergents and cleaning equipment that can assist you. Below is a breakdown of the best carpet cleaning tips, hints, techniques as well as different ways to take of various types of carpets.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Carpet


Use Mats and Rugs

When you use mats and area rugs they cut down the amount of grime, dirt and the wear and tear that a carpet is subjected to. Mats placed outside and inside your house on points of entrance can reduce the dirt that accumulates on your carpet by eighty five percent. Rugs can also be placed on high traffic areas such as pathways to reduce wear and tear.


Leave Your Shoes at the Door

Always ensure you remove shoes before stepping on the carpet, you can leave your socks and walk through your house. You can keep a storage unit near the door and advice your family members and visitors to leave the shoes there.


Keep Your Outdoor Area Clean

Ensure that your walkways and paths that lead to the door are clean to help you reduce dirt, mulch, leaves and other dirt materials that might come in contact with the carpet.


Vacuum Frequently

Another important tip you should keep in mind is vacuuming your carpet as much as possible. The duration that you should vacuum your carpet depends on the number of people that are entering your house.


Treat Stains Immediately

If something stains your carpet for instance a liquid clean it out with immediate effect by removing excessive liquid. Note that you are not supposed to rub the liquid, use enzyme cleaners instead to treat these stains.


Follow Manufacturer Instructions

Always use the information and guidelines given by the manufacturer while removing stains and other dirt materials from your carpet. More so while you are doing deep cleaning of your carpet ensure that you ask questions for advice from the manufacturer before you can clean and treat your carpet. This reduces discoloration of your carpet or undue tear and wears incidences.


Deep Clean Your Carpet

Ensure that you deep clean your carpets for at least once in an year. Diligent vacuuming and grim prevents dirt and grime from embedding on your carpet. You can seek carpet cleaning services from a profession to get the best out of it all.


Carpet Cleaning Techniques

The following are top four carpet cleaning techniques with their description


Carpet Absorbent Technique

This is a method that is used when you are cleaning materials and organic dirt that can dissolve in water. It involves spraying water with a solvent to the carpet stained areas, then give it sometime to soak and dissolve the spot stains then vacuum the area. This method consumes very little time and the areas that are stained gets clean in good time.

Bonnet Technique

This is a type of method that is applied to remove stubborn stains at some parts of the carpet. It is a procedure that resembles dry cleaning with a rotating brush that scrubs of the stains and other dirt from specific areas of a carpet. This method uses very little water and it is usually preferred for stains that are stubborn.



Shampooing is a technique where a solution of shampoo is utilized to clean carpets. There are two procedures that can be used while cleaning a carpet using this method. This is wet shampoo method or aerosol foam method. When you are cleaning your carpet using wet shampoo cleaning method the carpet material is soaked in a container with shampoo solution then it is vacuumed to dry. With aerosol shampoo cleaning method shampoo is sprayed on the carpet especially on the stained area and then giving the solution time to dry.


Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the highly utilized cleaning method by different individuals across the world. It involves removing solid materials from the carpet by vacuuming the carpet. After doing this the carpet is pressurized to hot steamy water to clean dirt and remove stains from the carpet.


Different Carpet Styles and Care That They Require


Synthetic Carpet Type

Synthetic carpet type requires vacuuming to remove dust and other dirt materials everyday it is through this you can ensure that your carpet is in good condition always. You can use the beater brush set to the pile high. Vacuuming is considered as the only routine care that you can give your synthetic carpet type.


Deep cleaning of synthetic carpet type requires professional steam cleaning. It is works best for this type of carpet on wall-to-wall carpeting and may be demanded by the warranty. If you want to do it alone vacuum thoroughly and then use an extraction machine by hiring one from a rental company.


Wool Carpet Type

Routine cleaning is very important for this kind of carpet and it involves applying a floor tool, do not use a rotary brush on loop pile. You can clean liquid spills by misting with water and then blotting like the synthetic carpets.


Deep cleaning on yourself at your home is not recommended because wool consumes a lot of water in comparison to the synthetic fibers. This makes it difficult to dry and the carpet becomes very heavy to carry around.


Plant Carpet Type

Routine cleaning of plant carpet type utilizes the same technique as that of the synthetic carpet type. A good brush can be important for removing the stains and stubborn spots in some areas of the carpet. Plant fibers are less resistant to stain than wool or synthetics even if they are treated with water repellents.


Deep cleaning of plant carpet types is usually recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and methods. Moreover, you can leave that job for a professional carpet cleaner who is professionally trained by prochem.




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