Our Certifications

SAF Cleaning provide professional window cleaning services to homes and businesses throughout London and Surrey. We offer one-off and regular window cleaning services using both traditional and water-fed pole methods.

The water-fed pole window cleaning system pumps a constant feed of purified water up through a carbon fibre pole onto the window and frame, which is then scrubbed, rinsed, and left to dry naturally. The system allows us to clean buildings up to 60 feet high from the safety of the ground, and the use of 100% pure water leaves little to no residue*, keeping your windows, and your frames, cleaner for longer.

*It is possible that after a first clean there may be a small amount of residue on the glass due to dirt ingrained in the frames, this will be resolved with a regular cleaning programme

Hot Water Window Cleaning

SAF’s equipment has the functionality to heat the purified water which will help remove even the most stubborn of dirt, organic and faecal matter on glazed surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Window frames cleaned at no additional cost
  • Clean up to 60 metres from the safety of the ground
  • Health & safety assessments provided on request
  • IPAF registered

Additional Services :

  • Conservatory Valet
  • uPVC cleaning
  • Facias, soffits and cladding
  • Internal glazing, glazed partitions, glass balconies and secondary glazing.