SAF Cleaners Kingston, Surrey are NCCA members

SAF Cleaning Surrey are members of The National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA)

Established in 1968, National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) is the only independent trade body in the United Kingdom dedicated to the cleaning of upholstery, hard flooring, carpets, curtains and some other soft furnishings. As such, it’s now nationally recognised by the government, industry, media and commerce as an authoritative source of advice and information on all aspects of the industry. The Association comprises a steadily rising number of companies based throughout the United Kingdom and some members overseas.


As a non-profitable organisation, the NCCA is governed by the Board of Directors and a President, drawn from and elected by the members every year. Also, NCCA is an unbiased organisation. All these qualities ensure full dedication to the objectives and aims of the Association.


The primary goal of the NCCA is to establish and maintain minimum standards within the upholstery and carpet cleaning industry, with the dual aim of protecting its customers and safeguarding the reputation of the industry, whether in the commercial or domestic sphere.


Members are always expected to abide by the Associations’ Code of Practice that covers such specifics as customer service, fair pricing, liability and consumer protection, complaints procedures, and is designed to guarantee client satisfaction always. All members are required to offer a reasonable pricing for their customers, summarised by the NCCA’s motto: SERVICE WITH INTEGRITY. SAF Cleaning Surrey are proud to adhere to all of this in and around Kingston, Tolworth, Surbiton, Sutton and Surrey.


Due to its comprehensive training programme, the Association believes it can deliver its promises to all potential clients, that each one of its members like (SAF Cleaning in Surrey) upholds the highest standards of both skills and service, and indeed are masters of the craft they profess.


Each applicant for membership must have undertaken the NCCA course or an equivalent course in upholstery and carpet cleaning and attained the necessary standard in the written test papers that follow.


This course provides a thorough grounding in all aspects of the upholstery and carpet craft and covers practical and theoretical instruction in basic cleaning as well as stain and spot removal.


An applicant becomes a fully recognised member of NCCA and is authorised to add a coveted logo to the name of their company ONLY after successfully completing this course.


On top of the compulsory training, a series of workshops, advanced courses, tours and some other events have been designed to ensure that the experienced members stay updated with a transformative science of cleaning. These, along with monthly magazine and a yearly industry exhibition/event, assist in keeping members up to date with all latest advances in all areas related to their field.


MISSION STATEMENT: To enhance best practice among the members in the provision of high-quality upholstery, carpet and floor care services, safeguarding the interests of customers and upholding the professional reputation of the NCCA.

Why Should You Hire An NCCA Member like SAF Cleaning Surrey?

These days, rogue traders have become a huge concern for anyone looking to employ a company or tradesman. Increased public awareness, media coverage and government involvement have gone an extra mile to educate the public about the risks of using dishonest and unqualified service providers. However, the problem is far from being solved.


About 40 years ago, many like-minded carpet cleaners came together with the concerns about the standards of some cleaning companies and the general desire to enhance their industry and its reputation.


In 1968, these innovators decided to build the Carpet Cleaners Association which later became the National Carpet Cleaners Association). Since its establishment, the NCCA has set the necessary standards for the cleaning industry, with our members upholding the high standards of skills, service and ethics.


Being supported by the only recognised body in the UK for the soft furnishing and flooring cleaning industry means you can rest assured that we will recommend a professionally trained technician like SAF Cleaning with proper insurance cover to you. We choose all professionals from our list of member companies across the country.


NCCA members adhere to a Code of Practice that covers specifics like fair pricing, consumer and service protection and the NCCA also promotes excellent practice in all of its activities. Technical support is also available to every member as required, along with a 24-hour legal helpline. An efficient complaint procedure also guarantees that, in an unlikely event of a dispute, the unbiased and professional advice is available.


If you’re planning to employ a company to undertake restoration or cleaning of upholstery, carpets, rugs, leather, hard flooring, curtains, or any related services in Surrey, you can’t underestimate the value of hiring an NCCA member. Always look for the logo.

SAF Cleaning Surrey are members of The National Carpet Cleaners Association

SAF Cleaning offers competitive prices along with a wealth of high experience. For further information about our cleaning services and to arrange a free on-site assessment, contact us using our web form or call: 020 8393 0395




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