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Useful Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips From SAF Cleaning Surrey

Spring is here! There is no better time than spring to do some serious cleaning in your home. It is finally warm enough to clean your windows without freezing them closed.


And now that the snow has melted, it is high time to scrub your siding thoroughly. Unfortunately, many store-bought cleaners contain chemicals which can cause not only skin and eye irritations but even asthma, cancer, and the birth defects. They can be accidentally ingested by pets and kids.


Based on the EPA report, household cleaners can contain a variety of dangerous chemicals, including persistent bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT) chemicals, carcinogens, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and endocrine (hormone) disrupting chemicals which may pose significant risks to human health and the environment.


That's why here at SAF Cleaning we firmly believe in caring for our environment and would like to share with you some natural solutions to spring cleaning your home.


These solutions will help to keep your property sparkling, and beautiful in-between having it professionally cleaned. They are also are safer for children, pets, and the environment.


Thus, before you fill your cabinets with the pricey heavy-duty cleansers, let’s look at some natural solutions to spring cleaning your home:

Tip 1: All Purpose Cleaner

Essentially, many things in our homes can be cleaned with a bucket full of warm water. We highly recommend you either use a squirt of a good, non-toxic dish soap or even a splash of vinegar.


From our experience, either of these solutions is ideal for cleaning walls and cabinets, the inside of your refrigerator, and almost any hard household surface which only needs a gentle cleaning.


Tip 2: Mini Blinds

For the vinyl mini-blinds, clean them using some vinegar and a natural dish soap.


Tip 3: Windows

For safe and effective spring cleaning, you should clean your windows using a spray bottle full of vinegar diluted half with fresh water.


Tip 4: Floors

Again, we would advise you to mop your laminate and tile floors using a natural solution made by adding a large splash of vinegar and a few drops of a favorite essential oil to a bucket of warm water.


The vinegar smell will vanish as your floors dry. We promise your house will not smell vinegar when you are done!


Tip 5: Mattresses And Upholstered Furniture

In order to freshen your sofa or mattress, then put some baking soda into the cheese shaker (or the mason jar with some holes nailed into a lid) and add a few drops of a favorite essential oil (tea tree oil will destroy bugs, lavender will boost good sleep!) and sprinkle the mixture onto your sofa or mattress and leave it for one hour or so before vacuuming the solution up.


Tip 6: Wood

You can polish you sealed wood using a soft cloth with a small amount of vinegar and the olive oil on it.


Tip 7: Sinks

You can clean and shine your sink naturally using a solution made of baking soda, vinegar, and olive oil.


Tip 8: Microwave

In this case, put one cup of vinegar in a microwavable glass bowl and then microwave it on high till it's boiling and has covered the microwave’s walls in the vinegary condensation (this takes nearly five minutes).


Remove the bowl of vinegar carefully. With a paper towel or cloth, wipe the surfaces clean. This is very easy, and it works extremely well.


Tip 9: Drains

If you want to remove smells from the stinky drains, then sprinkle some baking soda down the stinky drain and follow with some cups of warm vinegar (you can also kill two birds with one stone by performing this procedure with the hot vinegar made by cleaning your kettle or microwave as shown below).

Tip 10: Kettle

In order to descale your kettle, put sufficient amount of vinegar in it to cover the mineral deposits and lime scale. Boil the vinegar in your kettle, and then rinse it well.


Tip 11: Heavy Duty Cleaner for Cooked on Stove Top Gunk and Any Other Hard-To-Clean Messes

You should mix some baking soda in a tiny bowl with sufficient hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. Use the scrubby sponge to help you scrub the mess away.


If you’ve sensitive skin, you may need to wear rubber gloves. Also, try this on the soap scum, rust stains and the dirty grout lines.


Tip 12: Toilets

What many homeowners liked about our toilet cleaners is the special bottle design which allows them to get the cleaner right up underneath the rim of the bowl!


You can also accomplish this by putting straight vinegar in a standard spray bottle with a nozzle set to stream instead of mist.


Squirt the vinegar right up underneath the rim where you require it and then scrub the bowl with the toilet brush as usual and then flush.


Tip 13: Oven

Oven cleaner is one of the major cleaners which a number of homeowners want to eliminate since they’re uncomfortable using in their homes. Most of them have tried some homemade solutions, but they didn’t work.


The best natural oven cleaner we have found is the Shaklees Scour Off. It works more effectively than most of the homemade solutions.


If you’d prefer a homemade cleaner, the Heavy-Duty Cleaner listed above works very well with a substantial dose of the elbow grease.


Tip 14: Disinfectant

Tea tree oil, also known as Melaleuca oil, has antibacterial qualities. You should put some in a spray bottle filled with fresh water when you need to disinfect something.


It also destroys head lice. In fact, you can spray your kids’ hair with the same solution when you leave for church on Sunday mornings!


Remember that tea tree oil is poisonous when swallowed. Even though we consider it considerably safe to use around your house, you need to keep it away from the curious little hands! We believe that applies to all home cleaning supplies, natural or not!

Finally, these spring cleaning tips should assist you to get a perfect start when carrying out some cleaning in your home. A clean home will not only look good but also make you feel better with a healthier and more comfy environment.


Nonetheless, if you can’t manage to clean your whole house yourself and would prefer to hire a professional services, we at SAF Cleaning offer a range of services to Offices, Homes, Retail Outlets, Schools, Communal Areas and Car Parks across Sutton, Epsom, Oxshott, Cobham, Banstead, Kingswood and the greater Surrey & London area.


Here are some of the professional cleaning services that we offer:


1. Oven Cleaning  2. Carpet Cleaning  3. Window Cleaning  4. Gutter Clearing  5. Office Cleaning


These services are available when the job needs to be done more thoroughly by an expert. You can call or send us a message anytime at (020 8393 0395) to learn more about our residential and commercial cleaning services.




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