SAF Cleaning new offices in Tolworth, Surbiton
SAF Cleaning Surrey's new offices in Tolworth are starting to take shape for professional cleaning services in and around Kingston, Surrey

SAF Cleaning Has Relocated It’s Head Office To Tolworth near Kingston, Surrey

Business owners may have a choice of cleaning their premises themselves or hire commercial cleaning services to clean it for them. Most businesses in Kingston, Surrey find it very beneficial to hire us for this work.


SAF Cleaning Surrey is very happy to announce that they have relocated their main office recently to Tolworth in Kingston, Surrey. This means that commercial cleaning services that we are renowned for are now available in the heart of Kingston.


Therefore, if you’re looking for office cleaning services in Kingston, then you’ll find that SAF Cleaning has a proven track record in the commercial cleaning industry.


Our Commercial Cleaning Services

One of the top benefits of choosing our commercial cleaning services is that you’ll have a building which looks and even smells great. Since SAF Cleaning provides commercial janitorial services, we specialize in the cleaning duties of all commercial buildings.


SAF Cleaning can clean any kind of room, and this will leave your business buildings looking great. We’ll also empty all of the trash containers in your building. We will clean and sanitize all bathrooms. Besides, we’ll dust all of the furniture in your building, and vacuum all carpeted floors.


Another significant activity we will do is to clean all mirrors and windows throughout your business, and this also includes regular cleanings of curtains and blinds. One of the most difficult tasks we will complete is the hard-surface floors.


Most commercial buildings usually have tile floors, or something similar. SAF Cleaning will clean all of these floors and wax them regularly too. We provide extra cleaning services such as carpet shampooing or window washing.

Types of commercial cleaning services Offered By SAF Cleaning

Each commercial building should be safe and very clean. SAF Cleaning, Tolworth in the Kingston, Surrey can assist you to maintain a clean environment for your employees.


By choosing SAF Cleaning, you’ll be able to focus on the essential work your company does on every day, without worrying about the routine task of sanitation. Let our experienced and professional cleaners do the dirty work for you – literally!


Keeping your company clean is anything but easy, but SAF Cleaning in Kingston, Surrey is always passionate about the task. With our high-quality commercial cleaning services, your business will never have to look for a different commercial cleaner again!


SAF Cleaning offers cleaning for all kinds of the commercial establishments. We’re very committed to offering you and your business with the superior commercial building cleaning services and client service. If your establishment requires thorough cleaning, SAF Cleaning has the best cleaning service choice for you.


Some professional cleaning firms only provide daily cleaning services choices. At SAF Cleaning, we understand you may not require us to clean your building daily. That is why, for your convenience, we provide flexible cleaning schedules, so you can select the cleaning choices which are highly suited to your needs.


Office Cleaning Services in Kingston

Today, maintaining a clean office environment is a key requirement for all commercial businesses. Beyond offering a healthy and safe place of work for your staff, the cleanliness of your office is also a marked reflection of your company for customers, visitors, and colleagues.


At SAF Cleaning, we understand how essential it’s to maintain high standards of cleanliness in your office. Our office cleaners have been servicing different offices in in Kingston, Surrey, and surrounding areas for over ten years, and we understand that your commercial cleaning needs may be entirely different from other office buildings around the city.


Whether your office space needs daily (morning or evening) or weekly cleaning, SAF Cleaning can provide you a complete maintenance package for the floor, making sure that your offices are kept in perfect condition.


We’ll offer every office with a communication log which your employees have access as well, and our supervisors and cleaners will check regularly. This means no matter the time we clean your offices, contact with our employees can always be made.


We believe this makes it easier for you as our customer to report any issues or requests so that we can ensure the cleaning is done to the best standard, every time.

Window Cleaning

Our window cleaners have over ten years of experience in window cleaning industry. They’re experts in domestic and commercial window cleaning and have been for several years, using all the best technologies available and maintaining an impeccable safety and health record.


All window-cleaning work is done using the most effective technique for the building concerned. Our window cleaners are highly trained to use all techniques of window cleaning.


We’ve different access strategies to reach even the awkward areas to ensure your windows very clean and presentable.


Our staff will assess your office before the job is done to allow a site-specific technique statement and risk assessment to be made. This enables us to offer you with an accurate quote.


Here are some other professional cleaning services we offer:


Carpet Cleaning Services

We have a team of highly motivated and skilful carpet cleaners who’ll do the cleaning based on the guidelines of your carpet manufacturers.


Our team has enough experience in both the dry cleaning and wet extraction techniques. SAF Cleaning provides all clients an excellent carpet cleaning service which keeps your carpets in the best condition.


Every task put to our staff will be assessed beforehand, and an accurate quote and honest recommendations will be presented before the work being done.


Using various cleaning systems, we are able to suit each of our client’s needs, as this can vary from one client to another. Carpet cleaning is important to develop a professional and presentable image to your clients that remove dirt, dust or even allergens triggered by dust.


End Of Tenancy Cleaning

Cleaning charges are one of the primary reasons why deposit cash is withheld. Our carefully chosen and approved end of tenancy cleaning partners always guarantee your cleaning deposit return for up to 1 week after the cleaning is finished. Terms and conditions apply.


Through our strong experience of more than ten years of performing an End of Tenancy Cleaning in Kingston, Surrey, we’ve learned what is needed to deliver excellent service to our clients.


All of our employees are highly trained and have fully up-to-date safety and health accreditations and certificates. Our team are always uniformed and will always do their jobs in a diligent, professional and timely manner.

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SAF Cleaning offers competitive prices along with a wealth of high experience. For further information about our cleaning services and to arrange a free on-site assessment, contact us using our web form or call: 020 8393 0395




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