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Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Kingston & Surrey

Truly clean carpets can transform the appearance of any room. At SAF Cleaning Surrey, we use the latest top-of-the-range Prochem equipment and eco-friendly biodegradable chemicals to ensure your carpets are deep cleaned safely and effectively, leaving your carpets looking as good as new.


You can be completely confident that everything will be in the safest of hands – we are fully insured, and all of SAF Cleaning’s staff are professionally trained by Prochem and the National Carpet Cleaning Association NCAA


Every job is different - before we begin, we’ll visit your home or business to carry out a free site survey. We’ll examine the construction, fibre type, backing materials etc. to determine the most suitable Prochem chemicals and cleaning techniques for your carpet.


Once we know how best to proceed, we’ll give you a fully-inclusive quote up front before beginning your carpet cleaning using our tried-and-tested technique:

1. Industrial vacuum cleaning to remove all dry soil and debris

2. Stain removal using the most suitable spotters

3. Preparation of heavily soiled areas through pre-spraying and agitation

4. Deep cleaning of fabrics using Prochem hot water extraction materials and chemicals

5. Brushing your carpets to realign the fibres and restore your carpets to their former glory


To ensure your carpets remain in immaculate condition, SAF Cleaning Surrey will carefully move and replace all your furniture onto protective pads once we’re done protecting your carpets from damage - we’ll even keep drying time to an absolute minimum to avoid disruption!


Unlike many other companies whose leaflet prices are definitely too good to be true, at SAF Cleaning Surrey we’ll never charge for unseen extras or try to sell you anything you don’t need.

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Why Use Carpet Cleaners in Sutton and Kingston?

An unclean carpet can become a source of germs and bacteria. Deeply rooted dirt and dust in the carpet may lead to allergies and other sicknesses. Regular vacuum cleaning is not always sufficient enough to get rid of these health risks.


Your carpet can collect dust mites, pet hair, general dirt and other allergens, acting as huge air filter. In fact many allergy and asthma sufferers find that one way of dealing with poor air quality is by having a clean carpet. Some people believe that having a carpet in your home or workplace should be avoided by people who suffer with asthma or allergies. Studies however have recently demonstrated that having a carpet actually holds these contaminates in their fibres and stops them from circulating throughout the air that we care constantly breathing in. This is a fantastic effect, however eventually these particles need to be properly removed. Regular vacuuming can of course help, but it’s not enough to deal with the deeply held dirt that attaches itself firmly to the carpet fibres. Even worse, this trapped dirt can become abrasive damaging and scratching the carpet and wearing it down. So this is why, it’s important to call in the professionals at regular intervals to thoroughly clean and sanatise your carpets and effectively cleaning the filter.


These are the reasons why professional assistance from carpet cleaning services in Sutton is essential. By removing dirt and dust from your carpets, air quality inside your home can also be improved.


The beauty and quality of your carpet will be restored with the aid of professional carpet cleaners. Because of this, you can extend the life of your carpet. Since there will be no need to replace it as often it is a great long-term investment.


ProChem Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning In Cobham

Your carpet will be cleaned with special cleaning products specifically made for the job. The cleaning agents can protect the sensitive fabric of your carpet. We have access to these pro chemicals that aren't generally available for the public to use.



We use ProChem hot water extraction method while cleaning your carpet in Cobham and around Surrey. Most of the carpet manufacturers opt for hot extraction as it is one of the best methods for cleaning the carpet. One benefit of using this method compared to steam cleaning is that it is more effective whilst working at lower temperatures which preserves the quality of the carpet and prevents shrinkage. Also, unlike the steam method it can also tackle the stain itself. Steam often results in some stains “setting” and should generally be avoided.


First of all the carpet cleaning professional will treat the area directly with a top quality ProChem cleaning solution leaving it to start working immediately to break up and loosen the dirt and stains. Using the special machine, hot water is then added and immediately extracted resulting in a complete flush of the individual carpet fibres. It is this fast and powerful extraction of the liquid that helps with the quick drying time.



• Fully insured

• FREE 15 minute survey

• Appointment times to suit you

• Attention to spots, heavy traffic areas, stains and odours

• Fast drying time

• No extra charges or hidden surprises

• Top of the range Prochem equipment and chemicals

Red wine stain on carpet in need of carpet cleaner
Professional carpet cleaning machine

Our Guide To Dealing With Carpet Stains

Where possible, it’s always important to deal with stains as soon as they happen. You may not always be able to fully remove the stains yourself, but your prompt action will always improve the chances of professional carpet cleaners being able to finish the job properly.


Each type of stain has its removal technique, but some general rules apply to all carpet stains;

1. Never over saturate the carpet with water as this can affect the structure of the carpet and damage the underlay. Always work from the outside of the stain into the middle and deal with stains as quickly as possible.

2. The key to liquid spills is to blot up as much excess as possible using paper towels. Blotting keeps spreading to a minimum and absorption at a maximum.

3. No matter the stain you should follow up the removal process by cleaning with a mix of one part white vinegar to one part water. Put this into a spray bottle and lightly mist the stained area while blotting with a thick pile of paper towels throughout. Once the removal process is over it is vital it is left untouched over night and if the stain is still visible then it’s probably time to call in the experts.

Vinegar aids to remove stains from carpet
Add water and vinegar to carpet stain to help remove

We have a full team of carpet cleaners working throughout Cobham, Sutton, Epsom, kingston and Banstead.


Please note that we do charge a minimum fee, and a cancellation fee may apply if an appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice.

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Industrial Strength Vacuum Cleaners

The vacuum cleaners that we use are top of the range machines which can be used both in homes and also in big commercial spaces. They can quickly absorb dirt, dust, oils, chemical liquids and other construction materials easily with their remarkable suction. An air pump creates a partial vacuum to suck all kinds of pollutants.




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