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Why the Taylor Review means good news for cleaning companies & their customers

Any business that uses contractors will be aware there is a major review underway - the Taylor Review - looking into the rules surrounding the way self employed staff are engaged. Triggered by all the publicity surrounding the ‘gig economy’, its aim is to understand how employment should be defined in the future and how workers should be protected with basic rights.

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SAF Cleaning brings local sparkle to keep award winning Hobbledown looking spotless

12 months of Mystery Shopper customer satisfaction reports verify that outstanding levels of hygiene and cleanliness are being achieved.

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Hobbledown farm Epsom

SAF Cleaning Surrey accredited by SafeContractor

We are exceptionally proud to be recognised and have full accreditation from SafeContractor who are one of the largest health and safety accreditation schemes in the United Kingdom with over 26,000 contractor members and 300 major clients.

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SAF Cleaning Surrey are members of The National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA)

Established in 1968, National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) is the only independent trade body in the United Kingdom dedicated to the cleaning of upholstery, hard flooring, carpets, curtains and some other soft furnishings.

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SAF Cleaners Kingston, Surrey are NCCA members
Professional cleaners office in Tolworth, Kingston, Surrey

SAF Cleaning Has Relocated It’s Head Office To Tolworth

Business owners may have a choice of cleaning their premises themselves or hire commercial cleaning services to clean it for them. Most businesses in Kingston, Surrey find it very beneficial to hire us for this work. Therefore, if you’re looking for office cleaning services in Kingston, then you’ll find that SAF Cleaning has a proven track record in the commercial cleaning industry.

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Tee tree oil is recommended for household cleaning

Eco friendly cleaning tips for your home

There is no better time than spring to do some serious cleaning in your home. It is finally warm enough to clean your windows without freezing them closed. And now that the snow has melted, it is high time to scrub your siding thoroughly. Unfortunately, many store-bought cleaners contain chemicals which can cause not only skin and eye irritations but even asthma, cancer, and the birth defects.

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SAF Cleaning carpet cleaning machine

Our new Enforcer 400 carpet cleaning machine

For over a decade, we have been providing a wide range of professional cleaning services to satisfied commercial and residential clients. Our mission is to provide the right solutions for all your cleaning needs. We have the best equipment and expertise to handle everything from the tough commercial jobs to freshening up your house with…

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Looking after your new carpet

Tips for Taking Care of Your Carpet

A carpet is a necessity for every home as they help to keep the floor and the entire house warm throughout. Carpets are also used for decoration purposes in many homes, as they come in different designs and colors. Carpets are vulnerable to dirt for instance dust, stains just to mention but a few. Some stains when they get on your carpet become stubborn to clean it out and it can a long duration of time for the stain to come out of it…

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