SAF Cleaning use the best equipment like the photo of Ashby's Enforcer 400
Ashby's cleaning equipment and a photo of the Enforcer 400 carpet cleaner

We use the best portable carpet cleaner in the market, Ashby's Enforcer. 400psi, producing heat of 110 degrees

For over a decade, we have been providing a wide range of professional cleaning services to satisfied commercial and residential clients. Our mission is to provide the right solutions for all your cleaning needs. We have the best equipment and expertise to handle everything from the tough commercial jobs to freshening up your house with some spring cleaning.


In fact, SAF Cleaning is very excited to announce that we have recently bought the Enforcer Carpet Cleaning Machine. What we are now introducing is the most advanced and versatile upholstery, carpet, rug and curtain cleaning machine Ashbys have ever made. This top of the range carpet cleaner has revolutionised how we clean client’s homes. The efficiency of the incredible machine is second to none and has never let us down.


Moreover, the Enforcer is built to great specification without any compromise in the UK. Designed for the professional cleaners who need to offer the best services to their clients.


This machine is packed with overwhelming features which as experienced operators we really appreciate when providing our carpet cleaning services to clients throughout the Surrey, London & the Home Counties.


Here are some of the top features of the Enforcer Machine that have improved our carpet cleaning services:

1. Minimum Clutter And Client Disruption

First and foremost, the casing of this Enforcer machine is shower-proof, so we can leave our machine outside, extend the hoses and work inside your home. This assist keeps the working environment free from any clutter and client disruption to a minimum.


2. High Chemical And Corrosion Protection

The solution pump head of this machine has an EnduraGuard coating applied by the Pioneer Metal Finishing in the USA, offering high corrosion protection.


EnduraGuard offers the highest level of corrosion, and chemical resistance of all the Pioneers anodize coatings. The Enforcer’s pump is built using an induction motor; thus there are no carbon brushes to wear out. Therefore, rest assured that your carpet will be free of any chemicals or corrosion after cleaning.


3. Quicker Drying Times On Upholstery And Maximum Safety

The manufacturer of this machine has also installed an Easy-Grip Pressure Regulator Valve and special Flow Control Valve that put us in complete control of our Enforcer’s water output.


Currently, many systems incorporate both a Pressure Regulator Valve and a quick adjust Flow Control Valve, for full control of water spray flow-rate and pressure.


The special Flow Control Valve offers drier results when cleaning your upholstery. To understand how you’ll need to know why it varies from the Pressure Regulator Valve.


Pressure Regulator Valve

The solution pump in the extraction carpet cleaning machine sprays the cleaning solution into the item being cleaned at high pressure. Pressure Regulator Valves are standard all over the industry and enables the operator to lower the PSI (pumps working pressure) while maintaining maximum flow-rate.


This is good, especially when using a low pressure-rated hand tool or wand for cleaning carpeted areas. Nonetheless, Enforcer’s unique Flow Control Valve is highly recommended since it reduces the working pressure and flow-rate when cleaning client’s mattresses or upholstery with an upholstery/hand tool.


Flow Control Valve

In comparison to the Pressure Regulator Valve, lowering your pump pressure to 135 psi using the Flow Control Valve delivers a less cleaning solution; therefore we can work drier than ever before.


The Flow Control Valve rapidly lowers our working pressure (PSI) as well as the litres per minute volume (L/min). Therefore, we use the Flow Control Valve to lower the risk of over-wetting and attain the quickest drying times when cleaning your upholstery or mattresses. Actually, the combination of our Pressure Regulator Valve and Flow Control Valve offers us an outstanding level of control.


When we are switching between cleaning tools, the Flow Control Valve enables us to depressurise the solution hose instantly by just turning off the pump and opening the Flow Control Valve to release any backpressure. Therefore, we can now change to our preferred tool quickly, safely and easily.


For more details about how we use the Enforcer Carpet Cleaning Machine for cleaning client’s carpets thoroughly, please visit the Carpet Cleaning section on our website.

4. Proper Removal of Dirt And Grime From Your Carpet

The vacuum motor of the Enforcer contains a variety of fans mounted internally that pull air to create vacuum uplift. These fans are called stages. The more stages a vacuum motor has, the more power it produces.

The Enforcer machine concentrates the power into vacuum systems by connected the double vacuum motors in-series. Therefore the second vacuum motor pulls through the first, raising the suction power dramatically. This does not occur in most of the vacuum systems.


The increased vacuum power is utilized to pull air through the fibres or material being cleaned. Without sufficient power to pull air over long distances through numerous hose sets, narrow vacuum slots on the cleaning tools and also the item being cleaned, there can be no rapid air movement that is required to remove soilage and the cleaning solution.


This top of the range Enforcer Carpet Cleaning machine injects hot water at 400psi deep into the fibres of your carpet. The two powerful inline vacuum motors provide the maximum amount of suction, to make sure the grime and dirt is removed from your carpet. This unique hot water extraction process guarantees that your carpet is given a new lease of life.


5. High Convenience

Optional auto-fill, gravity auto-drain and the remote control on/off with special soft-start technology make the Enforcer machine very convenient for carpet cleaning services.


The auto-fill keeps our solution tank topped up with the right amount of water at the temperature pre-set on our heater thermostat. Luckily, the gravity auto-drain adds no weight to the build, connecting directly to recovery tank dump valve and activates when the Enforcer is switched off.

The remote control on/off means we can remotely switch off on both the water pump and the vacuum motors, enabling us to change tools (i.e. – from a carpet wand to an upholstery or stair tool and back again) and allows the gravity auto-drain to empty the recovery tank.


As we provide a high-quality, professional carpet cleaning services as part of our 24/7 cleaning services to both commercial and domestic clients, we decided to be using one of the best machines available on the market. That is why we purchased the Enforcer Carpet Cleaning Machine.


We provide all of our cleaning services to clients throughout Surrey, London & the Home Counties. Being based in Worcester Park, some of the local towns we have clients include Epsom, Sutton, Oxshott, Cobham, Kingswood, Banstead, as well as the greater Surrey & London area.


If you need any of the cleaning services we provide, please feel free to call our office in Tolworth, Surrey at 0208 393 0395 or send us an email using an enquiry form on our website we intend to reply to all enquiries within 24 hours.




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